Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tired of students bringing their cell phones to class?

Create a poster and laminate it letting your students know what your schools expectations are as well as your own within the classroom.  I teach third grade and believe it or not, I have had a student or two bring in a cell phone, an I-Pod, and also a Nintendo DS into the classroom.  All of which are not permitted.  I created this poster in mind for middle school and/or high school teachers to show that you can get really creative with your cartridges and come up with some great poster ideas.  I think I will be using it in my classroom as well!

Materials used for project:
Going Places cartridge-red circle with slash cut at "fit to page" (11 inches) page 128
Going Places cartridge-cell phone cut at 8 inches page 94
Plantin Schoolbook cartridge-used for font.  Letters cut at 2 1/2 inches
**I also found the red circle with the slash cut on the Graphically Speaking cartridge-page 50  
white poster board
red, black, and green cardstock
ATG 714 gun


  1. Great idea, Wendy! I'm also thinking it would serve as a reminder to my "helping Moms" to turn their cell phones off! TFS!

  2. You know what?-your right! I never thought of that but I bet it would help eliminate parent volunteers bringing in their cell phones. :)

  3. Wow! I just stumbled upon your blog from a link on the Cricut Website. This is an AWESOME idea! I teach High School History.
    My latest Cricut for classroom...bathroom pass. I cut out the USA from Going Places and my Dad is going to use it as a template to make it out of wood.