Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A School project!

My son who is in the 9th grade-had to complete a poster project along with his essay.  He had to read the book "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and then also watch the movie.  The essay and poster had to reflect similarities and differences between the book and the movie.  He sketched out his poster and then asked good old Mom for some help with the Cricut.  I welded the letters for him on the Gypsy and he cut away!!  I think he was fascinated with the Gypsy and its features LOL.  Not too bad for a fourteen year old who thinks his Mom has a craft addiction.  I believe he now understands why I love my Cricut Expression, Cricut Create, Baby Bug, Gypsy and now the Imagine sooooo very much!!!  It truly comes in handy and its creativity is endless!  


  1. very nice. YOU both did a great job. So what grade did he get? Thanks for sharing.