Monday, February 14, 2011

More fun with the Imagine!! Happy Valentine's Day Everyone ;)

I loved how easy and fun these cards were while making them.  I used my Imagine with the Better Together cartridge.  I think they turned out super cute!  I am putting a few of these cards into my sons' lunch boxes.  One is in high school and I think he never gets tired of Mom putting a little surprise in his lunch!  My younger son is in the fifth grade and he is just not into all of this, "love, love, love stuff" as he would say!  I do think they will both like the candy that I am putting with the card.

These are a few candy treats that I made for my co-workers.  I hope they enjoy them!  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE!!


  1. Thank you for sharing this cute blog!I got a cricut for christmas so I could make cute stuff like this! but without you...ummm welll, I dont think I would know what to do! lol I am awarding you the stylish blogger award!

  2. Thanks for providing me with inspiration. I have an award for you on my blog -