Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two More Days until the CKC Convention!!!

It is almost time to head to the CKC scrapbooking convention this week!!!  The gang thought it would be a great idea if we had matching shirts this year-not to mention it would be easier for us to spot each other in between classes and drooling...ummmm I mean shopping at the vendor fair!!  Wendy B. came over to my house last Saturday and we sat at the computer scratching our heads trying to find a design for the shirts.  This is what we came up with:

Of course we had to have Cricut GREEN shirts!!!!  The background was actually a design that we found off of the Google images site for scrapbooking.  It looks like an actual scrapbook layout page!  The photo was taken this past June at the Great American Scrapbooking Convention that we attended.  I had to bling it out using my I-Rock tool and gems.  That's me to the far left, Kelli in the black shirt, Wendy B. wearing hot pink, and Carol in purple on the far right.  Wendy B. came up with the cute saying "Girls Gone Scrappy" and we each came up with cute nicknames and/or sayings based on what we like.  Kelli likes to use Stickles so we came up with "Stickle me Kelli" sorta like "Tickle me Elmo"!!! LOL 

This shirt belongs to Carol-as you can tell she is a super duper huge fan of Tim Holtz and his Distress Inks so she came up with "Go Ahead....Distress Me!"  Fits her to a T!!!

This is Wendy B's shirt- she has a fetish for stickers!!!!  We have to rip her away from the sticker booths or else she starts to foam at the mouth.  We may need an intervention for her after the convention!!! LOL

Well, last but not least here is my shirt!  I have a love and passion for paper...ok, ok, actually a passion for paper and the way it smells!!!!!!!  The gals laugh at me every time I go into a store and start smelling the paper packs!!!!  I think the manufacturing companies really know how much I love the way new paper smells so they make it smell even more......they know I will buy out the store!  Yes....I confess....I am a paper hoarder as well.  I will be entering a 12 step paper hoarding sometimes snorting program once I return.  I just gotta get my last fix at the convention!!!!!!!!  LOL  ;)  Alright, I know you are laughing BUT I know some of you out there fully understand the addiction.  See you at the 12 step program hahahahaha!!   


  1. Love the shirts and how personal they are!

    Aren't all scrapbookers paper hoarders???? LOL

    Hope you girls have fun. Nothing more fun that scrapping with your girls!!!

  2. These shirts are so stinking cute! I hope you guys have a lot of fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. LOVE your shirts! :-) The paper hoarding is something I can totally relate to. I like the smell, as well.....must be a teacher thing.

    Enjoy the scrapbook convention!


  4. Too stinkin cute!! I just LOVE ya'lls shirts!!! I admit.. I'm a paper and stamp sniffer ;) YES.. have you ever smelled PKS ?? LOL.. Your blog is ADORABLE!! I am a new follower and woud love for you to drop by my blog. :)

    Thank you as well for stopping by Paper Crafting Mania group. I hope you will stick around for our announcement coming soon!!