Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Irene

We survived Hurricane Irene over this past weekend.  We lost around 8 trees, 1 shutter, a pool gate, and our vegtable garden.  We were very fortunate considering some of the damage we saw around our community.  We had no electricity for about three days, no cable, no internet but we survived!!  Yes I survived without having my Cricut!! :)

Our Bradford Pear tree leaning-we are hoping that it will survive.  We were able to straighten it and tie it down. 
We lost 1 shutter (top left window) not too bad considering a neighbor of ours lost half her roof and most of her shutters.
This is our pool gate that took it on the chin. 
This tree landed in the middle of our street.  Everyone came together to cut it down and clear the road.
This was a very large and old tree that suffered damage from the hurricane.  Trees like this are found everywhere around St. Mary's County, Maryland.  Very sad to see these trees lost :(
As we traveled around the county on Sunday we saw nothing but trees lying on top of electric lines.  Over 100,000 people lost power from this storm.  Over the past few days we've heard the sound of chainsaws and children playing outside.  We survived Hurricane Irene!!


  1. Glad to hear you survived the big storm. So glad everyone is safe and sound.

  2. We here in Prince Georges County went without electricity for a few days also. School out on Monday and a few still not ready for occupancy on Tues. I HAD A HARD TIME WITHOUT MY CRICUT. (LOL).
    I thank God that we survived the storm.

  3. SO glad to hear your family is ok. Times like this put things in perspective. Such a blessing everyone is ok.