Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lunch Choice buckets using Crystal Light Containers!!

Here's a super quick and fun recycling project for your classroom.  I love to reuse things-mainly because they are FREE!!  Teachers love FREE things to use in the classroom LOL.  I took three Crystal Light containers and wrapped them in scrapbooking paper.  I used this really cute flag paper I found at AC Moore.  Our theme this year is UNITED WE STAND...UNITED WE LEARN so I thought this paper would fit in nicely.  I welded the letters on my Gypsy using the Mickey Font cartridge (my favorite to use!!) and glued the letters on to a white piece of paper.  I plan on using magnetic tape so that I can just stick the containers to my chalkboard!  I used foam sticks and wrote the students names on them so when they come into the classroom in the morning they can chose their lunch selection.  Pretty simple, pretty easy, pretty cost effective= my kind of project!!  I have quite a bit to show you but I am desperately trying to get my classroom together.  My new kiddos will be here on Wednesday and there is still so much to do!!!  Have a super week!!! 

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  1. Ahhhh these are adorable!!! I am getting ready to do my Back to School postcards for the kiddos. "Welcome to my pad" with frogs. We don't start till after Labor Day though.