Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Monday Everyone!!
Well I decided to pull out some of the chipboard that I purchased over a year ago!  I had some difficulty in cutting it on my Expression. After playing with it for a few hours I found that using a new blade and a new mat was the way to go. Here are a few tips I thought I would share:

022- A medium to heavy cardstock. Place your blade between 5-6, speed 4, set your pressure to Max and use your multi cut button at 4
.024- Thin similar to cereal box cardboard. Set your Cricut at the same levels as the .022 weight.
.028- This weight seems to work best with the Cricut. Set your blade to 6, speed between 4-5, and the pressure set to Max, multi cut button set to 2.
.032- This is very similar to the .028 weight and the cutting recommendations are the same.
.040 and higher will not work with the Cricut. They are too thick and may possibly damage your Cricut machine. I would highly recommend not using this on your machine.

Good luck with using chipboard with your Cricut!! I love the fact that you can make tags, chipboard photo albums, etc. I am headed down into the dungeon to create a chipboard album today.....wish me luck!  Have a fantastic day!!!  :)

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