Thursday, November 3, 2011

Touching base!!

Hello everyone!!  Just touching base-it has been too long since I have posted anything.  Things are hectic and crazy and I can only imagine them getting even crazier with the upcoming holidays.  I came across this photo of a project that I made for a very dear friend of mine who shares the same love and passion for Cricut cartridges LOL ;)
I am in the process of making my holiday project list-does anyone out there ever do this?  I try to write my project list down ...that is the easy part!  Sticking to the list seems to be the most difficult part :)  I also write down my baking list.  Each year I try to bake and make something for the bus drivers, co-workers, school secretary, and friends.  Not to mention coming up with a Christmas card to mail out to  family and friends!!
Put your seat belts on...the busy time of the year is underway!!!  I hope everyone is able to "make and bake" something!!!  Have a super week :)

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  1. I make lists for everything too! I have too or I will forget! :) It's already getting super busy here too! Candace