Monday, March 19, 2012

"BLOW" the top off the test!!!!!! -testing treats for students

 The State of Maryland will be testing students tomorrow and Wednesday for Math.  Every year I try to come up with something different for students to enjoy.  This year instead of using Blow Pops I found these Blow Pop minis at the local grocery store.  It is just like having the Pop but without the stick! LOL ;)  I used the Pooh and Friends cartridge for the top hat and cut them at 5 inches using the icon shadow feature.  These took no time at all to cut out-I printed the slogan on the computer and used label paper.  I trimmed them and just peeled the backs off before adding them to the hats.  This really saved me on using my adhesive (which I think I hoard more than paper).  I wish all of my students the best of luck-I know they will rock it!!!!  Hope you are having a great week.  ;)

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