Monday, July 2, 2012


Fun was had by all!!  We headed to Chantilly, VA to shop and enjoy each other at the GAS.  Look who we ran into again this year.....the one and only Jenni Bowlin!!!  She is a true Southern Maryland gal and is one of the sweetest people I have met in this industry thus far.  If you have an opportunity, you should check out her site :
 to see all of her fabulous paper products and embellishments.  Pictured in this photo from left to right-Carol Broome (sweet dear friend of mine), Jenni Bowlin, me and Lynda Hamm (another sweet dear friend!)    
 Pictured in this photo from left to right:  Wendy Buckler (my oldest and dearest BFF!!!), Mandy (who I recently have had the pleasure of meeting and have helped enable her new craft habit LOL, and Lynda who is an incredible card maker and friend!!!

I love looking at all of the new products and layouts-it helps with jump starting the creative mojo LOL ;)  We had a great time and I enjoy attending this convention every year.  Now it is time to start to planning the CKC (Creating Scrapbooking Convention) In July at Lancaster, PA.  I am already getting pumped up and excited to go!!!  Hope everyone is staying safe and cool as we have hit record temperatures on the East Coast this week. 


  1. Love your blog! Wondering if you can tell me who designed that items in the photos - I love them! Thank you for all the great ideas!

  2. These photos were taken at the GAS convention in Chantilly, VA. This was the Paper Wizard both :)