Monday, September 3, 2012

I think it is time for a giveaway!!!!!!!

I thought it would be great to have another giveaway this week so what better item to pick but the Makin' the Grade cartridge!!  This is an oldie but a goodie!  I use it quite frequently for my scrapbooks and my classroom. 

  • Six Creative Features: Tiles, Apples, Awards, Lockers, Shadow, and Shadow Blackout
  • Features a quirky print font; base font can by layered with shadows or shadow blackouts
  • Font includes numbers, punctuation, and phrases
    Here's what  you need to do in order to have a chance to win:

    *leave a comment about your most favorite memory going back to school after summer break as a child.
    *must be a follower of CYC (Create Your Classroom)

    That's it!!!  A winner will be picked on Friday.  Good luck everyone!!!!  

    I hope you have a fantastic week.  I am looking forward to cooler days and watching the beautiful leaves change colors.  Fall brings a lot of fun and exciting memories for our family.   


  1. MY most favorite memory about going back to school was being able to see my friends. We lived way out of town and I did not get to see them often during the summer! Thanks for the giveaway. Hope school is going well for you.

  2. My favorite memory of going back to school was when I was in the 4th grade. I had just got out of the hospital from having ear surgery, And I could not wait to tell all my friends and teachers at show and tell, and everyone somehow already knew and had a party for me the first day of school:) thanks for a chance to win!!

  3. Favorite memory going was always shopping for school supplies each year. I loved picking them out, organizing them, deciding which class got which color folder. There was something about getting those supplies which sparked excitement for the coming year. As a teacher now I still love shopping for new supplies, brings the excitement right back!

  4. My favorite memory of going back to school as a child is the time spent school shopping. We got new shoes three times a shoes, easter shoes, and summer sneakers. I just loved picking out a new fall outfit and praying it would be cool enough to wear it.

  5. I suppose I was destined to be an English teacher, because I loved writing the "What Did You Do on Your Summer Vacation" essay. I usually don't have my students write about their summer. Many of them have never been out of their town and I would hate to embarass them.

  6. My favorite memory of going back to school was Back to school shopping! We always got new everything! The newest of everything was just awesome! --Wanda Bradshaw FB

  7. This is going to sound just terrible but the only fond memories of going back to school is that I would see all my friends that I missed over summer. I hated school! I was a horrible student, no brains at all. Thanks for the chance to win tne cartridge, it is one I do not have and would love to own. Already a follower.

  8. I loved...and still do...all the new school supplies! :-)


  9. I loved finding out who my new teacher was going to be. A week or two before school would start the lists would be posted on the glass of my school's front door. Or I would get a post card from my new teacher in the mail.

  10. My favorite thing about going back to school was all of the supplies. I am a sucker for a new box of crayons, they are just so nice! I still love them nice and sharp!

  11. My favorite thing when going back to school was all my NEW supplies! Still Love new crayons :)